How can I find my friends in the Portrait section?

Click on the Find People icon (hold your mouse over the navigation icons near the bottom of the screen to see their names). In the dialog box that comes up, type in your friend's name or any portion of a first or last name. You may also limit the search by grade. Click on the Search button. Memories Viewer will return all matching results. If necessary, browse through the results with the Next and Previous buttons underneath the portrait. The buttons in the right pane allow you to contact your friend or to access audio and video clips.

How can I turn the background music off?

Click on the Mute Music icon.

What does the Show Hot Spots button do?

Displays a border around Hot Spots. Hot Spots are clickable areas on your screen (also shown by a cursor change) that launch either a Web page (Globe Cursor), an audio clip (Speaker Cursor), a movie (Slate Cursor), a file (Page Cursor), or hyperlink to another page (Pointing Hand Cursor).

What are the computer system requirements?



How much does it cost?

Contact your school's yearbook adviser or multimedia staff for more information on pricing.

Do I put this together myself?

Multimedia supplements are typically created by the yearbook staff using a program called Memories Builder.

What if I don't have an e-mail address to stay in contact?

Sign up for a free e-mail address at www.yahoo.com or www.hotmail.com.

How do I sign an electronic yearbook?

Locate the student by clicking on the Find People icon. Click on the Sign My Yearbook button. If the student has an electronic yearbook page, Memories Viewer will connect you to it.

Why does my music play 2 songs?

You probably launched more than one version of Memories Viewer. Close one of the windows.

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